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Done Media Blasting Front Suspension bits» Dan's 1970 Triumph GT6+

Between last night and tonight, I have completed media blasting the small list of parts that I will be recycling in my front suspension setup, as well as a little bit for the rear. I may do more of the rear parts while I'm on a blasting and painting roll.

Pictured are the brake dust shields, calliper mounting brackets, steering arms, lower wishbone/a-arm to chassis pivot mounts, rear radius arm to chassis mounts, and spring caps.

Remaining Front Suspension Work and Costs» Dan's 1970 Triumph GT6+

Today I finished painting the front suspension turrets, and went over suspension diagrams to determine what I have left to take care of, either in the way of purchase or refurb. Following are the lists I came up with. The total cost does come across a bit steep, but a number of these parts are upgrades over the original equipment, and in the case of the hub and bushing kits $450 or so can account for the rear/rest of car. I don't care to total up the rear end yet, as that time will come soon enough.

I have dug up the following parts for refurbishing and paint: Brake Dust Shields, Caliper Mounts, Steering Arms, Sway bar, Steering Rack, A-Arm to Chassis Pivot Brackets, Spring Top Plates.

Stuff to buy - $1800.45
  • From Canley Classics - $1028.56
    • Caterham Type Front Suspension Kit / Vertical links (CATKIT1)
    • Adjustable Camber Top Wishbones (119272ADJUST)
    • Polybush Bushing Kit (KIT35R)
    • Front Bottom Wishbones (206686 and 206685)
    • Swaybar end links (125481 and 125482)
    • Steering rack mounts (S20)
    • Wheel Bearing Kits (GHK1011)

  • From PRI Race - $700.00
    • Hub kit (HK-645)

  • From Spitbits - $71.89
    • Spindles and associated hardware (132065, 102690, LN2211, YN2912)

Stuff to buy, that can wait for now - about $170
  • Shocks
  • Springs
  • Tie rod ends (ad maybe more depending on the condition of the steering rack)

Chassis Painting Complete» Dan's 1970 Triumph GT6+

Today, I painted two coats on the top side of the chassis, marking it complete. I also put two coats one side of the front turrets. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be "warm" again, around 40 degrees, so there should be no problem getting two coats on the other side of the turrets.

I also pulled apart the front vertical links, so that I can get the steering arms, caliper mountings brackets, and dust shields media blasted and ready for paint.

Getting my paint on» Dan's 1970 Triumph GT6+

I've kept to my plan, and finished stripping the chassis yesterday. Today, I cleaned it thoroughly using some engine degreaser around the diff mounts, and then everything with POR-15's Marine Clean. After that it was on to etching with POR-15's Metal Ready. And finally, the first coat of POR-15 rust preventative paint on the underside of the chassis. While doing all of this work, I had the heater cranked with a fan going to circulate the air, and a utility painters/flood light to add more heat, and of course light. Tomorrow I plan to do the second coat of paint on the underside, and to flip her over and start the top side on Tuesday.

Etched with Metal Ready. Note the dull white appearance of the bare metal.

First coat of POR-15. It's still tacky here, but should be ready for coat number two tomorrow.

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